Autor Wątek: Using mana potiona o friends.  (Przeczytany 727 razy)

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Using mana potiona o friends.
« dnia: 25 Luty 2017, 12:28:41 »
This topic needs to be revisited as people are becoming higher levels battlea become more and more stale and boring. People just stand on top of each other and pot each other untlill eventually somone fucks up and dies. It means mages dont have to be carefull about their positioning at all, since they hold 20 people on them easily. So there are basically 2 solutions:

1. Make mages unable to pot each other with gmp (maybe allow smp). So if you get trapped as mage you just die in few seconds as you should.

2. Make 3-5 second exhaust on poting so even if maves get traped they have a chance to survive for short time and maybe escape but still making them unable to tank for days.

I am only saying this because its nor punishing at all to play mages as mage myself, you can just right click out of any danger and avoid magic walls and even if they trap you and you have few friends around you can survive long ass time.

If you dont want to do this, atleast put it to vote and see how players feel about this